About Us

In 2013, we decided to collect and publish quotes from the various sources we read instead of simply writing them down — unshared in our personal dilapidated journals. On one of our typical reading sessions, one of us came up with the idea of creating a blog that compiles all of the beautiful quotes we encounter from all sorts of reading materials with the genuine goal of inspiring other people the way the same quotations inspired us.

Never did it ever occur in our wildest imagination that our simple blog will be a hit to millions of people across the globe. A few months after we carefully curated different quotations on the blog, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive responses from our followers which definitely kept us motivated on moving forward in providing free curated quote compilations to inspire more people. As Graphics heat grew bigger, the fast-growing community also grew bigger.

So, please, enjoy this site. Share it with those you love and set the tone for a beautiful and inspiring day!